Managing People: Processes, Strategies, and Tools for Leaders and Managers in Every Field

Managing People Book

A new book By Dean Sickels – Co-Founder of Cultiver Group

What Makes a Leader Effective?

To lead people successfully you need more than a job title or a corner office. You need tactical and interpersonal skills, management strategies, and administrative tools that will help you juggle tasks, organize your team, and stay focused on implementing your organization’s mission.

This comprehensive best-practice guide offers practical techniques you can use immediately to improve your performance, whether you’re a new leader tackling your first management position or a veteran leader who wants to sharpen your skills.

You’ll find step-by-step advice about how to:

  • Create job descriptions, recruit and interview people, and bring them on board smoothly
  • Delegate tasks, resolve conflicts, and cultivate teamwork
  • Streamline in-person and virtual meetings
  • Let your team know exactly what you expect
  • Make plans and develop tasks to reach your organization’s goals – and make adjustments along the way

Praise for Managing People:

“This book beautifully articulates the basic principles of managing people in any field. It highlights the fundamentals every manager needs to master to lead a team effectively. It reminds me of the principles used in baseball’s spring training in that every year all of us need to go back and work on the basics to get better – whether we are veterans or rookies. Regardless of your occupation or role in life, this book gives you a how-to guide for managing and great tips for enjoying the journey and your relationships along the way.”

– Tim Flannery, Third Base Coach, San Francisco Giant Baseball Club

“This book takes a much-needed approach to the interrelation on the key disciplines of leadership, management, and administration… The examples of fictitious companies are helpful in illustrating and applying key techniques and bring the book to life… The book is a great tool for managers in any size company.”

– Scott Wilcox, CEO, The W Group

“Very rarely do you find a book that inspires you and provides a practical guide for management executives. This book does both.”

– Steven Beck, Senior Consultant, Gallup

“This book breaks down management functions in a way for people to be successful right away. It provides good assessment ideas and emphasizes the importance of good communication and mutual understanding. Dean also provides great techniques for coaching, feedback, and conflict resolution. I highly recommend it for all those involved in the field of education.”

– Gregg Sonken, School Board Member and Principle, Encinitas Union School District

“Dean prescribes an understandable, practical means by which organizations can accomplish their mission and managers can effectively execute key initiatives. Further… this book can help quickly ramp up new managers and provides a veritable how-to guide for management execution.”

– Rob Robertson, CEO, Briggs Capital Inc.

Learn to successfully manage your most precious resources: people.

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