Leadership: Keys to Management Excellence

By Michael Coffey on Friday, November 11th, 2011 in Leadership, Management

Effective management is your ability to handle or direct people skillfully and to succeed in accomplishing goals. Managers need strong leadership skills that they use effectively to achieve results. At Cultiver Group we train managers to closely examine the necessities and qualities of leadership and directly apply them to management practices.

The primary task in all leadership/management positions is to execute to the mission, vision, goals, and plans of an organization, so managers need to fully understand all organizational priorities. This understanding facilitates an environment where managers can:

  • Set appropriate goals
  • Develop applicable plans, and
  • Execute those plans through their team

When managers are intimately familiar with the organization’s priorities, they can more easily inspire others to buy in, share in, and take part in the organization’s mission and goals. The best plans are developed and enacted based on an individual manager’s strengths, experiences, and resources. Good managers must be able to adjust quickly to keep the plans directed toward executing the intended objectives.

The ability to execute initiatives will set you apart as a manager. The circumstances, complexity, and demands of a project can be overwhelming, but by simplifying a project into manageable tasks, you can reduce the number of variables and organize a plan more easily. Once a plan is organized properly, it is much easier to execute and manage throughout its life cycle.

Managers have a variety of roles, including leader, coach, counselor, listener, motivator, organizer, and initiator. At all times good managers must have the leadership skills to motivate team members and partner with them for success. As with leadership, you develop management skills every day by building on the skills you have already learned and applying them to new circumstances.

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