Strength Deployment Inventory SDI

The SDI is based on the theory of Relationship Awareness a model for effectively and accurately understanding the motivations behind behavior. It is built on 4 simple, yet powerful ideas

  1. Behavior is driven by motivation
  2. Motivation changes in conflict
  3. Personal weaknesses are overdone strengths
  4. Personal filters influence perception

Strength: Helps people identify their motives in relating to others under two conditions:

  1. When things are going well, and
  2. When they are faced with conflict

Deployment: To move strategically or to take a position for effective action.

The SDI suggests ways that one’s personal strengths may be used to improve relationships with others.

Inventory: This is not a test where “right” or “wrong” answers are graded. It is an inventory for taking stock of motivational values the basis for how you feel and act in different situations.

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