Leadership Circle Profile 360

The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) is a true breakthrough among 360 degree profiles. It is the first to connect a well-researched battery of competencies with the underlying and motivating habits of thought. It reveals the relationship between patterns of action and internal assumptions that drive behavior. This allows participants to see how their inner world of thought translates into a productive or unproductive style of leadership increasing the inner awareness that affects outward behavior. Reveals to a leader what is going on beneath the surface.

TLCP Benefits:

  • Enhances the value of coaching and saves time. A coach instantly sees the whole integrated picture. Coaching can start at an advanced level
  • Aids in developing teamwork and in succession planning
  • Provides a comprehensive metric for tracking leadership development and cultural change and facilitates ongoing performance management

Participant response along with evaluators’ responses reveals important insights in the areas of Relationship-Task Balance as well as, the Creative-Reactive Dimensions. The data display is vivid, precise, and easy to understand. The Leadership Circle Profile builds readiness for change. By shining a light on the underlying thinking patterns that drive their current behavior, clients have access to new choices and possibilities.

The Leadership Circle Profile is administered over the internet to select team members. The participant will choose a minimum of ten evaluators who will also provide feedback over the internet. Once assessment results are in, the assessment will be followed up with one to one coaching focused on the design and implementation of a personalized leadership development plan.

Assessing Your Organization with an Appreciative Eye

Appreciative Inquiry
We live in a world full of people who can point out our weaknesses and shortcoming both in our personal lives and in our lives as leaders. In fact as leaders you are usually well aware of these issues long before the “experts or critics” begin to identify them. This is why Cultiver Group is committed to taking a different approach through looking at your organization and it’s leadership with an “appreciative eye” looking for what works in your organization.

Through Appretiative Inquiry your team will be given the opportunity and environment to discover, clarify, and strategize where your organization wants to be based on moments when you have performed at your highest capacity. Participants stir up memories of energizing moments of success creating new energy that is positive and synergistic. Participants walk away with a sense of commitment, confidence and affirmation that they have experienced success and will be successful in the future. Your team will experience the power of the appretiative inquiry through a four phase process:

The 4-D Cycle
Phase 1: Discovery of people’s experiences of their group, organization & community at its most vital & alive stage & what made them possible
Phase 2: Dreaming together to envision a future in which those exceptional experiences form the basis for organizing
Phase 3: Designing systems and structures to support the activation of your vision for the future
Phase 4: Destiny or delivery which involves the implementation of those systems and structures in an ever expanding positive feedback loop

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